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Color: bay

Born: 2008

Hight: 167cm

Approved for: Holstein

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Stanfour 4 is an approved stallion in the Holsteiner Studbook, with high quality and another great son of Singulord Joter, being part of the selection of the principal stallions in association Holsteiner horses from its since he was 4 years old.

In his presentation, for adoption as election stallion for breeding Holsteiner horses, Stanfour 4 stood out among other competitors for its attitude, character, class and charisma. It Being a stunning beautiful and imposing brown stallion, he impressed the jury with their his harmonious topline.

Stanfour 4 was evaluated as a Stallion with good conformation and perfect constitution, regarding the musculoskeletal structure, allowing him a movement with great quality in the 3 gaits (walk, trot and canter) and in his jump, showing that it he is a horse with very a lot of technic and huge potential.

Stanfour 4 belongs to the latest generation of Holsteiner horses, therefore he has little direct influence from horses like already has little influence directly horses like Cor de la Bryère or Ladykiller, and is he’s a horse with an excellent temperament and work capacity ability to work, with regarding to the concentration.

Stanfour -> SINGULORD JOTER / Coolman / Rocco

His father, Singulord Joter, a horse is a distinguished horse by a particularly interesting pedigree. This is because his father (paternal grandfather of Stanfour 4), Singular Joter II, was at age five the age of five 3rd place in the World Championship for young horses in Zangersheide with the rider Dirk Ahlmann. Later, Singular Joter participated with Bernardo Alves in various several Cups of the world. Singular Joter also won the Grand Prix of Porto Alegre.

Stanfour 4 has also, in its his geneiological tree genealogical tree with the an union of two Olympic horses. They are Adelfos (with Markus Fuchs) and Cassiana Joter (bronze medal by teams in Atlanta with Louis Filippe Azevedo).

The olympic family of Stanfour also has Calandus, the son of Leika, who managed two bronze medals by teams and an individual fourth place.